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Rack Cabinet General Properties

19” Rack Cabinets have wide range of uses in the information and communications sector. They are used with the purpose of protecting the devices and organizing them. 19” Rack cabinets offer the best solution for the collection of the 19” and non-19” sized devices. It is possible to transmit data, audio and video images via structured cabling and all of these devices can be collected in a 19” rack cabinet. Network elements can be operated in harmony through a network system which is regulated in the cabinet. Hardwares are preserved in safe.

19” active and passive devices are mounted directly to the corner profiles. Different sized products are mounted to the fixed or sliding shelves which are mounted to the front and back sides. There are some devices can be mounted inside of a 19” rack cabinet: Server, Computer, Ups, Monitor, Keyboard, Printer, Switch, Router, Firewall, Switchboard, Modem, Patch panel.

There are the main advantages of a 19” Rack Cabinet:

User Friendliness

Errors can be easily detected and adjustments in the authorization and gage marks can easily be performed.

Security Information

Cabinets can only be locked by a responsible person who carries the key which is able to open all of the doors of a cabinet. Preferably, security can be provided with the combination lock.

Device Security

Phsyical protection is provided by the cabinet which is produced by the steel sheet material. Ventilation is supplied by the fan system that is mounted to top of the cabinet. By this way heating up is prevented.

Ease of Use and Cable Security

19” Rack cabinets offer to collect the devices in an optimal way. Adjustments can easily be applied by changing the inputs of the patch panel which is mounted to the server cabinet. Additional cables are not needed with the structured cabling. Cables are organized and in this way visual pollution can be prevented. Front casing of the rack cabinet is produced by the glass, rear cover and side hatches are produced by the steel sheet. Front casing, rear cover and side hatches are removable and openable parts.

Cabinet and Accessories Selection

Type of the cabinet (free standing, wall mounting, server or IP66 outdoor) should be determined according to the size of the devices which will be mounted into the cabinet. Most of the time, standard sizes of the mass production products are able to meet the needs. In other cases customized cabinets can be produced. Taking into account the type of the devices which will be mounted into the rack cabinet, accessories such as 19” socket, organizer, lighting fixture, closing panels are detected.

19” Free Standing Cabinets

Cabinets should be chosen according to the width-depth-length of the devices which will be mounted into the rack cabinet. 600x600, 600x800, 600x1000, 800x800, 800x1000 are the standard sizes of the models. That would be the most suitable depth if rackmount server will be mounted into the rack cabinet. When calculating the height of a cabinet, height of the each device which will be mounted into the cabinet should be calculated and %20 of the total height should be added for the potential expansion. ( 1U=44,45mm ). Formrack 19” Rack Cabinet heights are:12, 16, 20, 26, 32, 36, 39, 42, 44U.

19” Wall Mounting Cabinets

Wall mounting cabinets have two different depth options: 450 mm and 560 mm. There are five different height options of wall mounted rack cabinets: 7, 9, 12, 16 and 20 U. Soho cabinets have 4 type of height options: 4, 7, 9, 12U and 400 mm depth.

Fan Module

2, 4 or 6 fans can be mounted into the rack cabinets considering the amount and heating capacity of the devices which will be mounted into the rack cabinet. Thermostat fan modules are recommended.


Apart from the needed socket for the devices in the cabinet, power distribution units with two extra sockets are recommended for the potential use. Power distribution units can be either with electrical fuse or without electrical fuse. And PDUs are available with 3, 6, 8, 9 and 12 sockets. When deciding to have a circuit breaker to the PDU, system security should be regarded. The most preferred power distribution model for the network cabinets are 19” 6 sockets with electrical fuse and aluminum type 19” 8 sockets without electrical fuse.

19” Shelves

Needed amount of fixed or sliding shelves should be detected according to the total amount of device. Shelves are produced in three different size and two different types (fixed, sliding) according to the depth of the cabinet. 19" Rack Mount Shelves are mounted to the front sides and they are used in the wall mounting cabinets. It is possible to use 1U250 Rack Shelves at the soho cabinets.

Cable Management Panels

Cable management panels are used for the aesthetic appearance and organizing the cables in an optimal way. Panels can be either vertical or horizontal. Vertical cable management can only be used in the Rack cabinets which have 800mm width. Horizontal cable management panels are produced with five hooks, covered and having a brush. In the vertical cabling single cable management panel and cable tray can be used in the 600 mm width cabinets.

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